To recover in the pandemic and post-pandemic economy, the community has to put their heads together and focus on the most important challenges that will have the most benefit for all parties through ideating, re-imagining, exploring and testing new ideas.


As part of our GLX COVID-19 response program we will host six design workshops that will foster deep meaningful collaboration and look at designing a custom solution for each of the companies taking part. We will explore new ways for the community to work together.

The goals are to identify, align on and pick the most important challenges in your business to be solved, reframe these challenges and map out new opportunities and concepts from the strengths, come up with innovative solutions and most importantly to develop a clear plan to execute new ideas as a group.

Each sprint will comprise of 2-day long design workshops with 6-8 companies taking part in each session. There will be a total of 6 sprints hosted, each addressing a different topic that we believe are key areas that need to be addressed in today’s business climate.

Below areas describe the process of each sprint:

● Defining & aligning on key challenges

● Ideating & agreeing on new ways to solve these challenges

● Creation of entirely new concepts, re-imagining existing ones

● Ways to validate& test the desirability of the best solution

● Guidance, tips & tricks to work together remotely to execute & launch these new solutions or ideas as a group

At the end of each sprint, you will have a tangible idea to help diversify or pool your resources to recover from and even prosper during the pandemic with clear roles and alignment.


Our sprints are now open for registration. The sessions will beheld over the span of the next 4 weeks – beginning at the end of April. Each workshop can accommodate a maximum of 8 participants. Registration can be done via our Google Sheet. Due to each sprint accommodating a limited number of participants we request that each participant is able to commit to two days of their time for the workshop


The Stay Good in Business team is partnering with the Very Bad Wizards to design and conduct these six sprints. The Wizards are a Product & Service design agency. They help companies by challenging them to build better product experiences through bridging the gap between what is being offered and what the consumers actually want through using a special methodology created by Google. This Design thinking process looks at mitigating the risk when launching a new product/service through designing, prototyping and testing ideas with real users and customers.

STAY GOOD – GROWTH DISCOVERY SPRINTS – Join our workshops to reframe your impact business