Our work here is to #scalethegood by enabling SMEs to test and embrace innovative models that can shape consumer behavior for the next decades and make important contributions to solve ecological and social challenges in Asia by regenerating the bountiful resources Sri Lanka has to offer. GLX Garage is geared to do just that.
Good Life X
GLX Garage for purpose driven SMEs
Rooting for purpose driven change, one company at a time
Representing the food & agri and circular design sectors
5 months
October 2020 to February 2021
Expert Hours
A team of cross functional experts across 5 continents came together to create this immersive experience
Seed funding
10 Million LKR of seed funding by means of service or product purchases for growth driven investments
Good Life Garage
GLX in Motion
SMEs powered by the good
Catch a glimpse of the SMEs coming through the Garage program taking on the world by storm!
Participants 2020/2021

Meet the 5 Sri Lankan SMEs that embraced change amidst the pandemic and made themselves future ready

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Good Life Garage