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Transforming the future of Asia fromextractive toRegenerative!

With increased focus in the world around sustainability, Good Life X (GLX) is committed to go further. Regenerative business models and practices developed and embraced by GLX are designed to reclaim and restore the wellbeing of people and the planet as a whole.


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Rapid immersive programs for Startups and SMEs in Food & Agri, Wellness & Travel, and Circular Design.
Expert Hours
Cross functional experts across 4 continents coming together to work with local entrepreneurs
Seed Funding
52M LKR seed funding by means of service or product purchases for growth driven investments

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SME Transformation
GLX Garage
Rooting for purpose driven change, one SME at a time
Our work here is to #scalethegood by enabling SMEs to test and embrace innovative models that can shape consumer behavior for the next decades and make important contributions to solve ecological and social challenges in Asia by regenerating the bountiful resources Sri Lanka has to offer. GLX Garage is a 5 month program on how we proposed to do just that.

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We are a network of like minded institutions and people, creating change in all parts of the world.

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