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GLX Digital Evolver for purpose driven tourism companies

The Digital Evolver program is part of our efforts to help revitalize Sri Lanka’s tourism sector - an industry deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is clear to us that leveraging digital has never been more important for the tourism industry than now. Whether it is improving their operations, channel management, digital presence, online marketing, tourism businesses need to focus on strategies that can help them thrive in the post-pandemic era. This program focused on enhancing the digital capabilities of the selected participants while also gearing them up to foster well-being of the local communities and environments in their host destinations.

Rooting for purpose driven change, one company at a time
Gearing up the small players in the Sri Lankan travel sector to digitally evolve and become future proof
3 months
June to August 2021
Expert Hours
A team of cross functional experts came together to create innovative interventions in the travel and tourism sector
Seed funding
10 Million LKR of seed capital by means of service or product procurement for digital enhancements
Digital Evolver
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Meet the 10 Sri Lankan travel and tourism companies that embraced change amidst the pandemic and made themselves future ready

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