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Sebastco was launched in 2018, by two friends who together, decided to start a mutually fulfilling project that would inject some purpose, fun and excitement into their lives.

What sparked the fire was their love for sustainable materials and their revelation at abundant and bountiful amounts of coconut fiber lying around, unused.

After having learnt the art of sandal making themselves and progressing through many prototypes, today Sebastco have artfully created and engineered along with the support of skilled artisans, super-comfy sustainable sandals.
As the world is journeying towards sustainable solutions, Sebastco continues to reimagine, re-invent and innovate exciting products made from locally sourced coconut fiberSebastco has gone one step further to ensure sustainability in every part of its value chain by giving birth to an unbleached cotton fabric travel bag to function as packaging for the sandals, on the hope that these bags will be reused endlessly, reducing wastage.

Sebastco focuses on all things simple, sustainable, born and vegan, hence their aim is to make a sustainable impact in Sri Lanka and beyondOur Materials are sole Crepe, a natural latex, which is tapped by skilled labor in Sri Lanka, is used to manufacture the soles of our sandals.

The sole crepe sheets our partners produce are almost 100% pure natural rubber and 100% biodegradableWe also use rubberized coir,  our partners source coir from coconut plantations in Sri Lanka and manufacture rubberized coir sheets for us. The  coconut fibers are sprayed with natural latex, which means these materials too are 100% biodegradable. We also use cotton fabric  as it is a born material.

Natural Latex Foam and Synthetic Foam is another material we use. Natural latex foam is manufactured using the latex milk from the rubber tree. We worked with our partners to ensure our foam is the purest and most comfortable it can be while being as natural as possible. It is still biodegradable unlike the alternative synthetic foam.

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Simple sandals that your soles will love! Each element is designed for supreme comfort, especially the Solefit-CoirPerfect for indoors and outdoors


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