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Regenerating a Creative Future

British Council in partnership with Good Life X Presents: Regenerating a Creative Future. 💫

This programme is focused on individuals and organisations who can strengthen the case, create context for action, build bridges, and demonstrate the possibilities at the intersection of creative, innovative and circular economies. The programme is designed into two components: the conversation series 🗣 and the creative residency 🏡

Conversation Series

The conversations are based around cross pollinating ideas and building systemic solutions in creative and innovation industries and increasing awareness around circularity and regeneration.

The conversation series will be conducted in English and accessible in Sinhala and Tamil.

The series will kick off on 24 February and will run every Thursday until 24 March from 18.00p.m. to 19.00p.m. IST (12.30p.m. - 11:00p.m. GMT).

24 February - Technology's role in the creative and circular economies

In this session, firstly we will be discussing how the use of technology builds and connects new opportunities in emerging economies, with a focus on the circular economy. As a secondary point of focus, the conversation will evolve on the word circular as the lexicon. We’ll unpack how the word circular connects to the various practices in Sri Lanka and the future of circularity in its culture and economy.

3 March - Urbanisation within local communities

In this session, we will firstly be discussing how circular economy centric sustainability, sustainable architecture, and differing cultural dynamics play a role in the urbanization and development of Sri Lanka and if there is a way to build Sri Lanka sustainably. Secondly, we will explore the lexicon of biomimicry and how imitating design structures of nature can help solve human problems.

  • Iromi Perera - Founder and Director of the Colombo Urban Lab.
  • Shneel Malik- Architect and bio-designer
  • Sunela Jayewardene- Environmental Architect and Conservationist
  • Pushpa Galhena - Seevalipura Community Mobiliser and Leader
10 March - The next generation’s influence on creating smart creative systems for future

In this session, we will firstly be discussing how the younger generation views systems change for the future and how we can best support them to empower this change. We will then explore the lexicon of lateral to see how young individuals from different industries define and carve out space for themselves in Sri Lankan culture.

17 March - Intercultural dynamics effect on building more inclusive creative economies

In this session, we will be discussing if the processes of intercultural dynamics, collaboration, dialogue, co-design faith, and identity help to build more inclusive, creative and sustainable economies. We will explore the lexicon of creative industries and how plural narratives are so intrinsic in the circular and creative economies as well as across differing cultures.

24 March - Going beyond corporate social responsibility

In this session, we will be discussing what going beyond corporate social responsibility looks like and how we can go from sustainability strategy to regenerative transformation of the business itself. Parallely, we will look at addressing social issues in Sri Lanka through creative and circular economies. We will explore the lexicon of greenwash to define and identify greenwashing practices occurring globally and here in Sri Lanka.

Creative Residency

The 4 day residency aimed to develop an understanding between different sub sectors of the creative industries and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sri Lanka. The selected creative innovators and practitioners will go through an interactive residency and facilitate links between diverse groups to share best practices, and encourage greater interaction and collaborations.

We are taking a new approach to open up the conversation around regenerative practices that exist in creative economies and explore innovative systems to further its impact.

Regenerating a Creative Future