British Council in partnership with Good Life X Presents: Regenerating a Creative Future programme focused on individuals and organisations who can strengthen the case, create context for action, build bridges, and demonstrate the possibilities at the intersection of creative, innovative and circular economies. The programme is designed into two components: the conversation series and the creative residency.
Good Life X
Regenerating a Creative Future
Uplifting Sri Lanka's Creative Economies
Creative Economies
Bringing together the creative, innovative and circular economies
3 months
February to April 2022
5 Part Conversation Series
23 speakers
A total of 400+ registrants and 28,000+ views across all live streaming platforms
5 Day Creative Residency
10 residents
90+ applications for 10 spots
Regenerating a Creative Future
Regenerating a Creative Future
Curious about what happened during the Regenerating a Creative Future programme?
Watch through the highlights of the conversation series and creative residency here, shot and edited by Vsion Media!

Conversation Series

Regenerating a Creative Future
A series of 5 conversations around cross pollinating ideas and building systemic solutions that caters to groups from the creative and innovation industries in increasing awareness and interest around circularity and regeneration.The initiative offered a number of opportunities and topics to create conversations and facilitated interactions between diverse groups and leaders sharing best practices, and encouraging greater interaction and collaborations.

Creative Residency

Regenerating a Creative Future
The 4 day residency aimed to develop an understanding between different sub sectors of the creative industries and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sri Lanka. The selected creative innovators and practitioners will go through an interactive residency and facilitate links between diverse groups to share best practices, and encourage greater interaction and collaborations.
Regenerating a Creative Future