Covid-19 may also be a moment for people to unite behind plans to create a fairer, greener economy. A new campaign launched this June during a virtual event, a sign of the times, aims to mobilize leadership and support for a zero-carbon economic recovery from Covid-19.

“Race to Zero” brings together a coalition of zero emissions initiatives including over 900 business, 400 cities and 500 universities. Within the framework of a resilient, zero emissions economy, the campaign envisions the creation of well-paying jobs and inclusive, sustainable growth that will deter future crises. The launch event also touched on plans to drive sector-level transformation.

According to a press release from The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the organization backing the founders of “Race to Zero,” prioritizing low-carbon stimulus programs can help economic recovery better or as effectively as environmentally harmful or neutral programs. Participants in the event from the public and private sectors expressed optimism about the transition away from fossil fuels and spoke of the commercial opportunities that come with a transition to net zero.

RACE TO ZERO – Mobilizing for a Zero Emissions Recovery