“Our food should be our medicine”

About US

Launched in 2017, Owita is a complete organic and healthy food solution which encourages Sri Lankans to grow and eat organic, fresh and healthy food. While supporting farmers to grow organically, Owita Organics also strives to help people to live a disease free, healthy life by offering end to end solutions as a food chain with stores, home delivery services & mobile stores at offices and public areas such as walking tracks, play areas etc.

All Owita Organic products are certified organic food made by  certified organic farmers.We provide home delivery near Ragama and we are in the implementing stage  to serve the whole country in the future. You can also order directly from the website. Last but not least, we are open everyday...

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With over 700 products including certified organic fruits and vegetables and natural rice, you can purchase over 160 products online.


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