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This is the story about a  journey of an invisible young girl from Kilinochchi to an aspiring young entrepreneur. Behind Olai is Yathusha, a young ambitious woman stepping out of her teenage life into a world full of potential possibilities.

Yathusa’s life took a drastic turn, following the peak of the civil war in 2009. What came to her rescue and comfort were the good old Palmyra trees that grew in abundance, indifferent to the chaos surrounding them. Palmyra fruits and roots served as a source of sustenance, its trunks came in handy for building bunkers to shield from attacks and when the war ended, among the debris of war only old and new Palmyra trees filled her sight.

Fast forward a few years, as a part of her final project at Uki coding school, Yathusa had  to launch a startup idea, Palmyra once again came to her rescue and Olai was born.

Launched in early 2019, Olai shop is an online platform that connects the producers of Palmyra-based products with potential customers. The local artisans behind the products are women whose expertise is on Palmyra-based handicrafts and products.

Currently Olai works with around 20 Palmyra-based products creators/suppliers, who are women from Kilinochchi, Jaffna, Vavuniya, Mullaitheevu and Mannar.

The goal of Olai is to economically uplift the lives of her producers whose livelihood depends on what they produce and expose the global community to exciting, innovative and sustainable Palmyra-based products.

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Olai is a business for Palmyra products. We design and produce alternatives to replace your daily life items with Palmyra products.


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