Good Life X’s foundations are built on innovation and collective intelligence where we work with forward-looking experts and companies to reshape markets and strategies, and work hands on with entrepreneurs, opening up new growth opportunities and further their impact towards the planet and the people.

Founded in 2018 as a pilot project, GLX has now taken wings as its own private entity equipped with extensive experience and tested models created over the years in transforming and elevating sustainable businesses in the food, agriculture, design, wellness and tourism spaces. Through our programmes we have worked with over 50 companies across these sectors, spending over 6500 expert hours spread across 5 rapid immersive programs..

The inception of our work, was a result of the disconnect we noticed among what Sri Lanka has--the natural value chains and traditional sectors; what Sri Lanka is excited about--entrepreneurship and digital innovation; and what the world is demanding--the rise of the conscious consumer. When there’s increased focus in the world around sustainability, GLX is committed to go further. Regenerative business models and practices developed and embraced by GLX are designed to reclaim, restore, renew, and re-present systems that manage the social and economic needs, and preserve the integrity of nature for generations to come.

Taking our efforts further into the world we’re thrilled to be part of the 4REVS CO-REATIVE ECOSYSTEM hosted by NELIS and Socialab. NELIS– Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability. Their mission is to connect, inspire, and empower a new generation of sustainability leaders across the world. Established in 2015 in Japan, now with network members in more than 65 countries, they aim to create a vibrant, local2global, largely autonomous network of actors for a better future. 4Revs – a co- creative ecosystem. It is a flagship project of NELIS, which provides a dynamic and interactive innovation platform around humanity’s four survival challenges: food/agriculture, water, resources/ ecosystems, and energy/ climate change.

Socialab is a Latin American Innovation Network. Committed to create and implement innovation strategies to make the most of the talent within the organizations’ stakeholders.

The current social and economic system is dysfunctional and deepens four essential survival challenges we face: food, water, resources, and climate change / energy. Clearing these four bottlenecks will require revolutionary innovation - and will provide a treasure trove of new opportunities.

4Revs is a unique, co-creative ecosystem that aims to help humanity solve these four survival challenges in one generation – between 2020-2050. The global competition has partnered with corporations, social ventures, sustainability practitioners and entrepreneurs, educators, public and civil organizations, and creative minds on all six continents to inspire and implement next-generation initiatives in each of the 4Revs.


4Revs Innovation Challenge is a global call to identify the solutions that are creating a path for the revolutions humankind needs to survive. We are looking for innovative and scalable solutions from all corners of the world that are already in the market and that contribute to at least one of the 4 essential survival challenges that we must overcome to enable the continued flourishing of life on Earth, related to food, water, resources, and climate change/energy.

Apply now in 4 Revs Innovation Challenge!

A call for innovative and revolutionary start-ups from all corners of the world that are already in the market and contribute to at least one of these 4 essential survival challenges: Food - water - resources - energy.

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