World`s top universities provide free digital access to learning platform EdX – in 2,500 online courses

Over the past few weeks, people and organizations all over the world have been taking actions to share their services and knowledge online and to help each other during the shutdown. The global crisis caused by COVID-19 is connecting us in deep and meaningful ways, catalyzing positive developments and the adoption of amazing digital technologies for sharing and supporting each other at home.

In order to support the unfolding global movement of ‘digital connectivity and support’ via online programs, renowned universities Harvard and MIT are providing free access to their online learning platform and nonprofit ‘EdX’ with the overall aim to democratize learning by “removing the barriers of cost, location and access.” Harvard is contributing 145 free online courses that can be audited, together with courses from many other top universities including Berkeley, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, Georgia Tech, and the University of Chicago. The free online courses cover a wide range of topics from business development skills and computer programming to public health.

Registration is free! Take this opportunity to increase your knowledge in fields that interest you:

FREE ONLINE COURSES IN HARVARD – Sharing knowledge as a global state of mind