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Stepping into the Future of Tourism  

At Good Life X (GLX), we are passionate about purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and that is why we create opportunities to collaborate with enterprises that share that same passion. Our programs strive to help conscious business owners get to a point where their businesses can be truly successful and contribute to creating the ‘Good Life’!  

The Digital Evolver program is part of our efforts to help revitalize tourism - an industry deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is clear to us that leveraging digital has never been more important for the tourism industry than now. Whether it is improving digital presence, online marketing, storytelling or digital advertising, tourism businesses need to focus on strategies that can help them thrive in the post-pandemic era. We have a remarkable panel of industry experts who have joined the program to work intensively with participant organizations - advising and guiding them as they transform into more sustainable and resilient entities.

The Digital Evolver program is implemented by GLX in collaboration with GIZ Sri Lanka and is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

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Meet our team

Niranka T. Perera

Lead Digital Consultant
Niranka is the Co-Founder and CEO of Antyra Solutions

Naveen Marasinghe

Lead Digital Consultant
Naveen is Director and COO of Antyra Solutions

Pascal Gavotto

Lead Tourism Strategy & Business Sustenance Consultant Pascal is a Tourism Specialist and Director at Fatumaru Consulting Lanka Ltd

Sandya Salgado

Communications & Brand Strategy 
Sandya is a Strategic Communications Professional

Dinesh Perera

Digital Content Strategy
Dinesh is the Co-Founder of Goodfolks (Private) Limited, Foozoo Infinite (Private) Limited and Foozoo Travel

Deshika Rodrigo

Executive Coach
Deshika is an Executive Coach, HR Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Lonali Rodrigo

Sustainability Practices in Business
Lonali is an Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer, the Founder of House of Lonali

Dishan Jothilingam

Channel Management
Dishan currently manages Media and Communications for Save the Children International.


We are happy to support the COVID-19 response rollout of Good Market with our Stay Good programme. The international platform for social enterprises and responsible businesses has launched support and free features that help community members to connect and support each other. Join Good Market for more collaboration and support!

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Covid-19 has had wide-ranging implications both on the local and global economies. Business operations, logistics and markets as such have come under serious strains for big and small businesses alike. However, let's take a positive spin on things: this crisis also opens up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your business. Join us to explore new avenues and help you mitigate those nasty business risks still ahead.  

This page is all about helping you achieve more business resilience and get geared up for the months or maybe even years ahead. Here we focus on businesses in the food, travel and design sectors, but everyone is welcome. 

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We will be continually sharing about this programme, offering useful and interesting information to help you manage your business and get through this crisis.