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Conceived in 2015, is a fully fledged innovative online bus booking platform to buy and sell bus seats.
In Sri Lanka almost all aspects of information relative to bus transportation have been operated manually. This includes publishing of schedules, bookings and reservations, and the individual data relevant to each bus in the system, leading to a tremendous backlog and delays. With the growing demand for public transport, it is essential that an innovative and all-encompassing system is implemented to provide a user-friendly interface for the passenger. aims to contribute to an enhanced transportation system in Sri Lanka by designing and developing a platform that allows passengers to purchase bus tickets as well as reserve and book seats online.

With the efficient bus reservation system from, passengers can plan their journey ahead of time, save valuable time in buying bus tickets, avoid waiting in long queues and enjoy the  journey with  ease and comfort.

Currently, services bus routes to almost all tourism hotspots around the island.

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