Shanu Hinduja, the Chair of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland and Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Accelerator, is calling for global action to end hunger and food insecurity in the post-Covid-19 world. According to Hinduja, the private banking sector must lead the way by providing much needed financing to rural development areas.

Emphasizing the central role that our relationship to food plays in maintaining harmonious and sustainable societies, Hinduja calls for a reconnection with the rhythm of the seasons and the social bonds that hold us together. Self-sufficiency in farming, supported by technological agricultural infrastructure, will be a key starting point to reverse the trends toward ever greater urbanization and detachment from our food supplies.

Part of these positive changes will involve shortening food supply chains. Hinduja recommends that national governments create incentives to draw students from all walks of life to semi-urban and rural areas in order to support sustainable developments.

A RURAL REVOLUTION – To Drive Sustainable Societies