In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, McKinsey & Company have been publishing a bounty of insights into both local and global developments. A rapidly growing collection of over 100 articles is geared toward revealing and analyzing trends and helping business leaders shape the new normal. Starting in May, McKinsey& Company have published one infographic per day, making understandable at a glance the rapid changes in these uncertain times. This collection, titled "Charting the path to the next normal", features visual summaries of data for topics such as online learning, recovery of the shipping industry, government stimulus packages, European shopping habits, the effects of social distancing on businesses, and risk of job loss by sector.

For a publication titled "The Path to the Next Normal", McKinsey & Company have curated a selection of over 25 of their articles focusing on leadership in times of the Covid-19 crisis. The compendium deals with the initial phases of crisis response, offering strategies to keep businesses and institutions running and examples to mobilize leaders across the board and C-suite. Centered around the concept of leading with resolve, the articles help chart a purposeful path to the next normal. Leaders in the public, private and social sectors can expect to gain valuable wisdom concerning effective communication, decision making, organizing responses, remote working and various issues concerning stakeholders, boards and management.

A BOUNTY OF INSIGHTS – McKinsey & Company on the Covid-19 Crisis