The GLX Business development PRogramMes

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The Programmes

Through the individual and tailored GLX business programmes, we provide access to knowledge, expertise, collaboration, entrance into global markets, investment opportunities and funding. GLX supports start-ups and mature companies in Sri Lanka in scaling their products, improving internal and external processes and expanding the reach of their products and services across regions and continents. We have a focus on the business sectors
Food, Design, Travel and Wellness.

The GLX Garage – Business Clinic

A tailormade 3-month programme for
sustainable-minded SME's in the Travel, Wellness,
Food and Design sector to improve business through
marketing strategy, push into new markets and
international partnerships.

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The GLX Stay Good – in business

The GLX Covid-19 rapid-response online programme 'Stay good in business' is all about helping you achieve more business resilience and get geared up during and after the pandemic outbreak.

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The GLX Business Accelerator

An intense, rapid and immersive business
development programme of 16 weeks, that
offers a combination of training, mentorship
and seed financing for early start-ups.

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